Singtel mio TV Problem – Fixed!

Singtel agreed to send out a technician to fix my invalid mio TV service number problem. I was very thankful that they could send someone the following morning and that he turned up early!

In the end the solution to the problem was to reset my profile, which is exactly what they tried to do last night. The technician said that it didn’t seem to have been done properly last night, but once he contacted the back office people to do it this morning it worked. If only they had done it correctly last night I could have watched the end of the F1 qualifying and seen Mark Webber get pole!

The problem was caused by my mio TV set top box somehow being unauthorised, thus the invalid service number problem. I would hope that Singtel is looking into how this could have happened so as to avoid future problems. It certainly wasn’t anything I did!

Anyway, I’m glad mio TV is now working again so I can watch the F1 race live tonight. Also, credit where credit is due, Singtel’s customer service was quite efficient from the initial call response time to the technician arriving early and resolving the problem. If only they had done the profile update correctly last night!

One thought on “Singtel mio TV Problem – Fixed!

  1. saffie730

    My mio TV 1st Set-Top Box had stopped working.It is showing 1 gears without progress bar after 9:15 PM the TV showed red X.


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