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I Succumbed to Singtel mio TV!

I finally succumbed to getting Singtel mio TV installed, using the ADSL (Telephone) option and not the fibre that I wanted. After watching the first Forumla 1 race of the season at someone else’s place I decided that I couldn’t do that all year, especially when the Brazilian race is on at some ungodly hour!

I went into the Singtel centre at Parkway Parade and after a long wait got to speak to a guy there. I confirmed that I couldn’t get mio TV on fibre and signed up for the ADSL version with an 18 month contract at roughly $40 per month. The installation appointment was set for a 10-14 days later.

When the Singtel service guy came over I explained the issues with using the telephone line (bad locations of the points). He eventually gave up trying to get one working (which I told him was not connected) and ran a new line from outside my apartment into the existing conduit for my fibre and Starhub cable.

The second Singtel guy arrived to install the ADSL modem and the mio TV box. The ADSL modem is now sitting where the fibre was terminated in the living room. A network cable then runs around the side of the living room to my rack to connect to the mio TV box.

While not the solution that I wanted at least I can watch the EPL, Formula1 and the upcoming Rugby World Cup. I watched my first game of EPL at home this season on Monday night, Liverpool v Man City. Liverpool won convincingly 3-0, so I think it must be because I was watching! 😉