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Rugby World Cup 2011 Final Singapore Match Time

The Rugby World Cup 2011 final match is on today (Sunday, October 23) at 16:00 in the Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Malaysia and Philippine time zone.

My predictions for this Rugby World Cup have been quite poor, but as a Kiwi I have to say that the All Blacks will win their 2nd Rugby World Cup with a confident win over France.

Go the All Blacks!

Rugby World Cup 2011 in High Definition

What a pleasant surprise it was today when I was surfing through the channels on mio TV to find the Rugby World Cup 2011 opening ceremony broadcast in high definition (HD) on channel 111 (3D) mio Stadium.

I had a look at Singtel’s mio TV site and they indeed confirm that they are providing HD coverage.

The Rugby World Cup– LIVE and Exclusive, 9 Sep
Brace yourselves. The toughest competition on the face of the earth is pounding its way onto mio TV. Catch all the bone-crunching action of the Rugby World Cup LIVE and exclusive in HD.

I was so happy when I confirmed that I was going to be able to see the Rugby World Cup 2011 matches on ESPN Star Sports that I forgot to check if there would be an HD channel! Anyway, now I know and thought I would share that with everyone.

That first match is over and New Zealand won quite comfortably, but Tonga could have done a lot better than the 41-10 score line suggests. A few critical errors and Tonga was punished in the first half, but they really lifted their game and made New Zealand look a bit ordinary in the second half.

If you want to make sure you don’t miss a match in HD you can use my list of Rugby World Cup 2011 match times for the Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, China, Taiwan and Hong Kong time zone.

Rugby World Cup 2011 Singapore Match Times

Update: The final match time is 16:00 on October 23, see my latest post.

My last post on the Rugby World Cup 2011 Television Rights for Asia has become one of my blog’s most visited pages, so I thought I would help out the Rugby mad community with the match schedule in the Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Malaysia and Philippine time zone. Ok, I wanted it as a reference for myself too!

You can also get this information from the official Rugby World Cup 2011 web site under the fixtures tab if you are looking for another time zone. There is a link just above the start of the match times that converts the times from New Zealand time to your own time zone. However, the match times are all arranged in the pool format, whereas I just put all the matches in chronological format.

09-Sep  16:30 New Zealand – Tonga
10-Sep  09:00 Scotland – Romania
10-Sep  11:30 Fiji – Namibia
10-Sep  14:00 France – Japan
10-Sep  16:30 Argentina – England
11-Sep  11:30 Australia – Italy
11-Sep  14:00 Ireland – USA
11-Sep  16:30 South Africa – Wales
14-Sep  10:30 Samoa – Namibia
14-Sep  13:00 Tonga – Canada
14-Sep  15:30 Scotland – Georgia
15-Sep  15:30 Russia – USA
16-Sep  16:00 New Zealand – Japan
17-Sep  11:30 Argentina – Romania
17-Sep  14:00 South Africa – Fiji
17-Sep  16:30 Australia – Ireland
18-Sep  11:30 Wales – Samoa
18-Sep  14:00 England – Georgia
18-Sep  16:30 France – Canada
20-Sep  15:30 Italy – Russia
21-Sep  15:30 Tonga – Japan
22-Sep  16:00 South Africa – Namibia
23-Sep  16:30 Australia – USA
24-Sep  13:00 England – Romania
24-Sep  15:30 New Zealand – France
25-Sep  10:30 Fiji – Samoa
25-Sep  13:00 Ireland – Russia
25-Sep  15:30 Argentina – Scotland
26-Sep  14:30 Wales – Namibia
27-Sep  12:00 Canada – Japan
27-Sep  14:30 Italy – USA
28-Sep  14:30 Georgia – Romania
30-Sep  15:30 South Africa – Samoa
01-Oct  10:30 Australia – Russia
01-Oct  13:00 France – Tonga
01-Oct  15:30 England – Scotland
02-Oct  08:00 Argentina – Georgia
02-Oct  10:30 New Zealand – Canada
02-Oct  13:00 Wales – Fiji
02-Oct  15:30 Ireland – Italy

I hope everyone has signed up for their ESPN Star Sports coverage, or at least found a few friends who have!

Go the All Blacks! 😉