Why is this blog here?

I’ve set up this blog for a number of reasons:

  1. To learn how blogging and its enabling software works.
  2. To learn more about Google Analytics, Google Adsense and other website tools that will be useful for my business ideas.
  3. To consolidate my web presence into one place where I can share my passions, hobbies and thoughts with family, friends and possibly friends to be!

Who is writing the blog?

Louco73 in a Subway in KL

Louco73 in a Subway in KL

I’m a 38 y.o., New Zealand guy, with an Australian accent, living in Singapore, who used to be able to speak Portuguese quite well and is taking Mandarin lessons!

I was born in the small New Zealand city of Upper Hutt, which is north of the capital, Wellington, on the North Island. When I was 15 my family (Mum, Stepdad, Sister and I) moved to the Gold Coast in Australia, hence the Australian accent.

When I finished high school I was fortunate enough to be selected for a student exchange program organised by the local Rotary Club. I spent one year in a tiny farming town called Sao Sepe in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. During that time I had to go to school again, but I still managed to travel around Brazil and have some fantastic experiences, including learning Portuguese.

Upon returning to Australia I commenced my bachelors degree in Information Technology at the University of Queensland in Brisbane. I worked as a research assistant for a while at the university, doing research for a large USA multi-national and was subsequently hired by that company.

I worked for the same company for 13 years with stints in Brisbane, Dublin and Singapore. During that time I was involved in software development projects, project management, product management, product release processes, sales and pre-sales training, developer evangelism and many other areas. I left in September, 2010 to start my own company and try out some business ideas on the Internet.

My passions in life are travel and photography; neither of which I get enough time for! I’m also interested in hifi, home theatre, movies, music, world events, investing, surfing the web and technology in general. I try and keep fit by going to the gym (relatively new experience), jogging, cycling and swimming.

I’m a Liverpool supporter and have played football in my younger days, spending most of the time as a goalie before I was given a game as a striker and scored a few goals. Being a Kiwi I have to watch Rugby Union and support the All Blacks! I also like to watch car racing, such as Formula 1.

I’m married to a wonderful Chinese lady from China, whom I met in Singapore. We have both lived in Singapore since 2003 and are permanent residents here. My wife will be helping me out with my Mandarin lessons and hopefully with some translation on my blog and associated videos. No kids… yet!

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Sunny Choong

    Hi Lou – sorry about this very basic question. Would you point me to where I could listen to and purchase Emotiva amps in Singapore. I’ve googled but not been successful.
    Thank you.

    1. louco73 Post author

      Hi Sunny,

      Emotiva is an Internet based company with direct sales from their web site. They do not have distributors and resellers, which is why their products are such value for money.

      The only way to get an Emotiva amplifier in Singapore is to order one directly from Emotiva, or pick one up 2nd hand. For the latter option you can check out http://www.xtremeplace.com in the sales section, but they get snapped up pretty quickly!


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