I Succumbed to Singtel mio TV!

I finally succumbed to getting Singtel mio TV installed, using the ADSL (Telephone) option and not the fibre that I wanted. After watching the first Forumla 1 race of the season at someone else’s place I decided that I couldn’t do that all year, especially when the Brazilian race is on at some ungodly hour!

I went into the Singtel centre at Parkway Parade and after a long wait got to speak to a guy there. I confirmed that I couldn’t get mio TV on fibre and signed up for the ADSL version with an 18 month contract at roughly $40 per month. The installation appointment was set for a 10-14 days later.

When the Singtel service guy came over I explained the issues with using the telephone line (bad locations of the points). He eventually gave up trying to get one working (which I told him was not connected) and ran a new line from outside my apartment into the existing conduit for my fibre and Starhub cable.

The second Singtel guy arrived to install the ADSL modem and the mio TV box. The ADSL modem is now sitting where the fibre was terminated in the living room. A network cable then runs around the side of the living room to my rack to connect to the mio TV box.

While not the solution that I wanted at least I can watch the EPL, Formula1 and the upcoming Rugby World Cup. I watched my first game of EPL at home this season on Monday night, Liverpool v Man City. Liverpool won convincingly 3-0, so I think it must be because I was watching! 😉

3 thoughts on “I Succumbed to Singtel mio TV!

  1. Mohd Saffie Bin Abdul Latip

    My is SingTel exStream fibre exPlore Home Sports version with mio TV service.I sign up on 11 march 2011 at the IT SHOW 2011 and it will be activated on 18 april 2011 at 9-11 am.They will also disconnect my DSL at the same time.2wire 5012NV-002 FIBER READY INTERGRATED WIRELESS MODEM,ONT and new mio TV SET TOP BOX to me on 18 april 2011.I am using neighbours net to post this post.

  2. Mohd Saffie Bin Abdul Latip

    Finally,my SingTel exStream fiber with mio TV Sports is up.SingTel,Singnet and Opennet has rectified the TP,ONT,2wire 5012NV and mio TV STB No signal problem on friday(22th April 2011).One of the singtel people did not know about this problem.The fiber reinstallation date was on 23rd April 2011 at 9-11 pm.
    Download Speed: 7573 kbps (946.6 KB/sec transfer rate)
    Upload Speed: 867 kbps (108.4 KB/sec transfer rate)
    This is I use Loopback mio Voice,mio TV and LAN switch at the same time and thus speed drop only to 75Mbps Download and 10Mbps Upload only.The PON LED on ONT is stable and no Disconnection issue since 1 week ago(23rd April 2011).I also have ADSL version of mio TV to compare which is good.So far,my fiber mio TV has no freeze or lag or hang or pixelation problem.My broadband is even faster than before.Mio Voice also good as no static sound before I move to fiber optics.The mio Voice is running on loopback method.
    my STB is brand new from Singtel.. just probably 3 weeks old since the installation of the fiber.. they replaced my old STB reason being it didnt sync well with the ONT.
    Me too having the same problem like 1 of my friends. I am not using a fully managed switch but a smart switch Cisco SLM2008. The Mio STB only works when connect via the 2Wire.My MioTV account was previously running on a dedicated ADSL line with separate land line number. I wonder if this is the reason why it didnt work directly from the switch.
    Overseas sites
    Local speed on speedtest.net on fiber suck to core
    but on speedtest.com.sg it is okay
    Download Speed: 8841 kbps (1105.1 KB/sec transfer rate)
    Upload Speed: 866 kbps (108.3 KB/sec transfer rate)
    This test is done with mio TV fiber is on at the same time at mio Stadium HD Channel 102,Mio Voice calls,Broadband,loopback and wifi is working at the same time

  3. saffie730

    My 2nd mio TV box is having problems.It turned off with @ sign on the left of the TV screen.Only main mio TV and Internet is working.The 2nd mio TV STB has completely stopped working after 3rd auto restart.


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