Starhub’s Home Zone Works on Fibre!

I recently posted on Solving Mobile Phone Reception Problems with Femtocell Technology, specifically Starhub’s Home Zone service. I now have an important update regarding the use of my fibre internet connection with the Home Zone service.

Starhub called me to let me know that they would like to terminate my Maxonline service (internet over cable) as they have resolved the compatibility problems with Maxinfinity (internet over fibre) and the Home Zone service (femtocell). While I was happy with the news, I asked Starhub if I could please test the service for a while to make sure it worked well. They agreed to get back to me after the specified time to confirm that everything was working correctly.

I’m happy to report that the Home Zone service is working well on the Maxinfinity service with no problems at all since changing over. I’d have to say that the service is very stable now when compared with my initial experiences. I’m happy to recommend it to anyone who wishes to solve their mobile phone reception problems.

5 thoughts on “Starhub’s Home Zone Works on Fibre!

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  2. VT

    Hello, thank you for sharing. May i know if your Home Zone & fiber network are still working? I checked with StarHub today. They kept insisting that their HomeZone device don’t work on fiber.

  3. VT

    Thanks a lot for your quick response :). Is there any special re-configuration that you need to do for your HomeZone device on fiber network? I’m assuming that we just need to plug the Huawei UAP3801 femtocell device to router, and turn it on?

    1. louco73 Post author

      Sorry about the delay VT, I didn’t get the notification about the comment for some reason.

      Anyway, I would just try connecting it up and see what happens. If it doesn’t work then I would complain and get them to sort it out, because it’s obvious that it works in my case.


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