My First Blog in 2001

It’s amazing what you can find on the Internet! As part of the process to save the old Yahoo Geocities’ content my own little site was saved. Here is what my page looked like in Dec, 2001.

My First Blog

My First Blog

I’m going to create a series of posts over the next few days which will show the original content from this old site. Thankfully I should still have the photos of which some seem to have been lost in the archiving process. I’m looking forward to reliving some old memories, although after seeing some of my old fashion choices I’m not too sure how some people will react!

2 thoughts on “My First Blog in 2001

  1. chris

    It was nice to see this old site again. 😉 But, 1 is enough :P…. please keep your blog up to date ok .. . 😉

    1. louco73 Post author

      Haha, you are not supposed to be reading it yet. I just want to put these old ones up so that I have a record of my earlier attempts at blogging. Once I have posted all the old stuff then I’ll start working on some new posts :).


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