Home Theatre System from 2001!

Well I’ve finally got my home cinema system sorted out and it’s fantastic :-).

Front Including Sub

Front Including Sub

Here is what I bought:

Sony 28″ Wide Screen TV
Marantz DV3100 DVD  Player
Sony STRDB940 Amp/Receiver
Front Speakers – Tannoy MX2
Rear Speakers – Tannoy MX1
Centre Speaker – Tannoy M (I think)
Subwoofer – Tannoy MX 10
Four stands
Cables, otherwise nothing much would happen 🙂

Front Close Up

Front Close Up

The TV is not a digital one as I thought that the digital standards are still settling in and the digital boxes cost quite a bit more, so I went with an analogue wide screen TV.  When I was looking at the TV sets the Sony stood out as having the better picture, so I bought that even though it was more expensive than the other brands, as Sony always is!

I went for the Marantz DVD player, as it was on special and had all the features that I needed, plus I wanted to use the DVD player as a CD player too.  Since Marantz make good quality hi-fi equipment I decided to get this over some other brands that might not have paid too much attention to the CD playback.  That said, I’m sure it’s not as good as my CD player back home!

The Sony Receiver has won praise as the best in its price range, so I decided to go with this component for the value for money reason.  It also came with a learning remote which allows me to work the TV, DVD player and Receiver from the one remote control.  I’m still working out a few of the commands, but it does the job most of the time.  This was the most expensive component.

The Tannoy speakers are again in the value for money segment, at the budget end of town.  Good enough to do the job :-).

The stands and cables are really there to make it all work, so I wont go into detail there.

I’ve joined the local video store and have hired out a couple of movies.  I also bought Blade Runner and Batman and Robin with Arnold as Mr. Freeze.  The Matrix and The Fifth Element are very good on the home cinema system :-).

You can see one of the rear speakers below, which kind of blends in with the surround, which is good, but I’m going to get the black ones in any case.  They are on order.

Rear Speakers

Rear Speakers

Sorry about all the sun in the pics, but it was the only time I remembered to take them :-).

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