Monthly Archives: July 2011

Upgrading to WordPress 3.2

I reluctantly decided to hit the upgrade button to install WordPress 3.2 on my own blog. Surprisingly the upgrade process went very smoothly and was even easier than upgrading all previous releases!

As an IT person I am wary of new releases of software and was quite prepared to wait for Worpress 3.2.1. I was also dreading editing the default Twenty Ten theme to add the changes required for Google Adsense, the Google +1 button and the Facebook like button. It’s not much work, but it’s just a pain in the ass when you have to do it every time you upgrade WordPress.

Thankfully I read that after WordPress 3.2 all upgrades will only update the files that are part of the upgrade changes thus making upgrades smaller and easier to manage. However, when I did the upgrade to 3.2 it seems that even this new feature is part of the upgrade process itself. Therefore there were no changes required to my theme and the site just worked after the upgrade!

Thus far everything seems to be working as intended. I’m writing this post in the new full screen editor which has a funky menu that fades away to leave you with a complete blank page to write on. You can move you mouse up to the top of the page to get the menu back. There is a word counter at the bottom of the page too.

As an aside, Google sent me an email on Webmaster Tools to tell me that I was running an outdated version of WordPress on my site. Quite a positive, proactive step from Google to help keep people on the latest and most secure releases of software, but still a little scary!