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Singtel mioTV on Fibre

I decided to call Singtel to ask them about getting mioTV on my fibre connection. I have a Starhub service bundle for internet access, a digital telephone line and cable TV, all of which I’m quite happy with at the moment. The internet and telephone services are running over fibre which is both fast and stable. This means I just need the mioTV service from Singtel to run over the fibre connection.

The reason I decided to finally sign up for mioTV was the upcoming start to the F1 season. Then there is the EPL, which I’ve not watched so far this year, apart from Liverpool thrashing Manchester United (Yay!) while I was in China. Given Liverpool’s form at the start of the season, I’ve not missed much!

After getting through to a lady on the Singtel enquiry line I explained that I didn’t have any current Singtel services and I would like to sign up to mioTV using the fibre connection. The lady then explained that I would have to sign up for a bundle to get mioTV on the fibre connection! That’s right, I would need another internet connection service that I would never use and a phone line that I would never use, just to get mioTV!

The other option, if I didn’t want to use fibre, is to use the ADSL connection through a standard Singtel telephone line. The problem is that I don’t have a Singtel telephone line and would have to sign up for a new line, that I would never use!

It strikes me as a strange business policy to not want customers who are using competitive products to try a unique service as a foot-in-the-door to upsell or convert customers over time.

If someone is listening at Singtel then please come up with an offering that allows customers who are willing to pay for a mioTV service on fibre to purchase JUST that!